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The Divergent

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The Divergent are a group of people dedicated to radical transformation in the workplace and in the techspace, by challenging conventional norms, and ways of thinking.

For us, people are the catalyst behind transformation, and as has been shown time and again by history, so is technology. We hold these two change agents in tension, leveraging on both people and technology, to change organisations, societies, and with time, nations. This is our heartbeat; to change societies with great technology, great technicians, and divergent ways of thinking.

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Web & Mobile Apps

We create beautiful and relatable websites and mobile apps (android and iOS). We like working closely with clients so that we are frequently getting feedback on the building process.

Tech Recruitment and Training

We boast of being able to find the most ideal fit for your company and the specific role. Our recruitment process takes into account non-tangible metrics such as, personal values, life goals, emotional intelligence and many more.

Tech Consulting

We love change, transformation and growth here at Divergent! One of the ways we do this is being going into businesses, analysing their processes and operations, then providing sustainable solutions to the problems found.

The Divergent Recruitment Model

New Training Curriculum

Designed from a unique approach to high standards, our trainings are designed to not only impact technical skills, but cultured to re-invent the thinking process of every individual.

Your Unique Fingerprint

Whatever impact you were designed to make, a contribution to making the world better, or just the joy of doing diligent work, we are fulfilled when we contribute to that journey in a meaningful way.

Work-Employee Tracking

In sustainably building truly dynamic enterprises and people, we ensure that both employee and employer are fulfilled and happy, being purposeful, working in unison, where we become the glue that holds both parties together.

Community & Support

We are close-knit and ever-growing family, our strength is in sharing good times and supporting one another in rough moments, exchanging resources, sharing ideas, and respectfully challenging each other’s assumptions, whether client or consultant, you can be part of that community.

We Want To Serve You

Get in touch with us if you are interested in any of the following services we offer.

Build Us A Website

We would love to build you a website, e-commerce, personal or corporate. We love creating websites that subtly communicate your brand! Just look at this website!

Build Us A Mobile App

The world is going mobile! If you want to follow suit, you want to do it with us, not only will we create what you want, we’ll create what you didn’t even know you wanted!

Recruit For Us

We love finding people that fit your vision, mission, culture and skill requirements! After finding the right fit, we train them to amplify their strengths and minimise their weaknesses.

Techify Our Process

What we love about technology is that it makes life so much easier and more efficient. You may need that! Lets techify your processes together. Get in touch with us!

Customer Request

Is there something you think we might be able to do for you that we haven’t explicitly mentioned? If so then get in touch! We want to hear from you! We’re ready pen in hand.
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What We’ve Been Learning Recently

Morning Habits For Geniuses

Learning is our superpower here at Divergent! We revel in it! So much so, that we don’t want to hide or hoard what we’ve learnt! Get in on the fun learn. We promise, if you put just one of the tips you get from us here into practice, you’ll see tangible changes in your life.

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Build Us A Mobile App
Recruit for Us
Techify Our Process
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